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It's Yelp for People..It's called Peeple

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Remember a while back when there were rumblings of a "Yelp for people"? Well those rumblings are over and the Peeple app is here. The Peeple App was designed to allow people to give and receive recommendations on well..people. It allows you to rate people in three categories Personal, Professional, and Dating. The intent from creators, Nicole McMcullough and Julia Cordray, is "to change the way you learn about people online". You would think that with all the social media platforms out there that there are plenty of ways to learn about people, or going out to network is always an option as well. But there are some rules, this isn't just an opinionated free for all:

One of the biggest concerns with this is that it would lead to cyber-bullying but there are some safeguards to this:

  1. You have to have an active Facebook Profile that has been active for more than 6 months to join.

  2. You must be 21 years or older to join Peeple.

  3. Recommendations never go live without your permission, so if the person (you) aren't on Peeple, those recommendations never go anywhere.

  4. There are no anonymous users on Peeple, so no ghost recommendations or spam profiles to worry about.

Peeple Screen (Photo: App Store)

Peeple Screen (Photo: App Store)

Peeple Screen (Photo: App Store)

There's comfort in the fact that you get to see all the reviews and approve them prior to them being live on the app, but then how authentic is that, if all you see are good things? Of course no one is going to want to post the bad reviews but then that is what makes things like Yelp, and other review processes good. The Peeple app is currently only available on iOS with an Android version expected soon.

I don't think I'm signing up for Peeple, but would you?


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