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Intel announces new Smart Bowl at CES 2014

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There have been plenty of next tech devices announced at CES 2014, but the one that seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue is the Intel Smart Bowl. What makes it smart? Why the ability to charge your devices.

Take this scenario, you come home, and you toss your keys, your smartphone (well not literally toss, those things are expensive), your Bluetooth headset or earphones and proceed to go about your household activities, then when you go back to use it, it's on blinking battery life or none at all. With this device you simply toss the devices in and it charges them. It's that simple. Unfortunately, it is too smart, so smart that of course it is ahead of most devices out there. Intel also said that it will currently only work with the new Intel Jarvis headset (also announced at CES 2014, that's it in the bowl). There have been no announcements made as to the availability or pricing as of yet.

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