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ICYMI: Samsung announces new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

 photo Samsungnote4edge_zps7da190d0.png

This post is times about as well as Samsung's Unpacked event, they made sure to get this out in front of Apple's big event tomorrow. So for all my Android fans and tech alike Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at it's Unpacked event last week. Samsung definitely pushes the envelope when it comes to their devices and these two are no exception.

Now there have been some changes to the device but it hasn't increased in size (it's already considered a phablet) It still has a 5.7 inch screen but that screen now touts Quad HD Super AMOLED technology which makes for amazing resolution. You can get 500 pixels per inch. It also has a 2.7GHz Snapdragon processer, 3GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal memory (sigh I wish).

Samsung devices already known for taking a pretty great picture bumped the megapixels up in the Note 4 as well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera will have a 16MP camera instead of a 13MP camera like it's predecessor.

Also announced was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge...what's the difference you ask, well it's on the edge. But no really the device does use the edge of your device as apart of it's screen. You get to extend what's on your device, notifications, more ways to personalize, and more. The screen is actually 5.6" but is also Quad HD Super AMOLED like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It also has the same OS as the Note 4, Android Kit Kat.

You can say you have something different about your phone that's for sure, just don't know if I want my notifications running over the edge like that, I may forget they are there. Either way Samsung is doing what it does best, bringing you new things.

No pricing information or exact release date is available. Will update you when it's released!


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