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Down to the bottom of it, Samsung reveals the cause of the Note 7 battery issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Photo: Samsung)

Remember a few months back when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the hottest phone literally, it was exploding. Well after months of speculations and lots of recalls, and them getting banned from flights entirely. Samsung has finally released what was causing the battery explosions with the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung had three independent study groups (UL, Exponent, and TUV Rheinland AG) come in and investigate the incidents to get to the bottom of the cause. They have now since also added a Battery Advisory Group that will help maintain standards on battery safety and innovation. What was discovered is that within the housing ( of the battery, there was damage to the separator that is meant to keep the positive and the negative electrodes from connecting. When that occurs the battery short circuits.

Battery Infographic (Photo: Samsung)

They have also instituted an 8-point battery check process to ensure that going forward they are providing safer batteries. Samsung will also be improving safety standards for materials that comprise the battery design as well as adding brackets around the battery for protection. And what is technology if you can’t monitor it? They will be also making improvements to the algorithms that govern battery current, charging duration and battery charging temperature.

8-point battery insprection (Photo: Samsung) This is reassuring as for a while the only thing many people knew is it was defective and that you couldn't take it on the plane with you. If for some strange reason you're still holding onto one, know that the recall was expanded to include ALL Note 7 devices so you can exchange your Note 7 for a new replacement, or get a refund.


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