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How did you do that?? Tips and Tricks You may or may not know about in iOS 10

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iOS came out a couple of weeks ago, so by now you should be familiar with quite a few of the new features. Pretty sure people are tired of me and the screen effects in Messages but I love them! If you haven't really looked around, because trust me some of these features don't have the flashing sign over them. So I thought I'd share some of the things I found as well as few tips on how to fix a few things you may not like in iOS 10.

Just a touch...wait...

If you have tried to rest your finger on the home button to unlock your phone, you may have noticed that the you have to press to unlock in iOS10. Well if you miss being able to just lay your finger there, or just want some things to stay the same then, here is how you fix that. Go to Settings-->General-->Accessibility-->Home Button, and turn on the "Rest Finger to Open" setting.

Make Siri a little worldly

You can give Siri an Australian or British accent. Not a major thing but fun to switch it around. Siri is currently set to British in my iPhone.

Siri can tell you who is calling

When you get an incoming call, Siri can announce who it is. So in case you're not in the room, and before you run sprints to catch it, you can enable the Announce Calls feature. You can do this by going to Settings-->Phone-->Announce Calls.

Leave a message....

Even with the aid of Visual Voicemail there are some who still don't want to press play on the message. Well if you've gotten a new voicemail since you upgraded (or if you haven't updated yet) Apple has Transcription Beta so you can read your voicemail now too. Now keep in mind it is still in beta so it's not 100 percent yet but it's pretty close. So instead of you having to press play, you'll know what the gist of the message is about already.

Remove Apps you don't use

Don't have an Apple Watch? Don't watch the NASDAQ? Well you can finally remove the Stocks, Apple Watch, even the Podcasts app if you're not using it! Again not a huge thing, but it's nice to have the option.

For my Safari multi-tabbers

I am famous for opening, and leaving open, roughly 10 tabs at a time in Safari *Don't judge me, I come back to them...eventually* So now if you press and hold that little button at the bottom that looks like two windows in Safari, it will bring up the option to close all the tabs at once.

Follow the email trail

I know this may have seemed helpful but if you use the Mail app on your iPhone which I am sure most of you do, you'll notice that the it collapses all the emails in a trail together. Makes sense to a certain extent, but visually it's a little hard to follow. So I want my email back to the way it was, where I could follow the conversation..even if it went on for 20 emails. To change this go to Settings-->Mail-->turn off the "organize by Thread" option.

Lullaby and goodnight...

No it won't sing you to sleep with the latest iOS update but there is a new feature called Bedtime. It's meant to help you get a good night's rest. You can access in the Clock app. You tell it what time you want to wake up, how many hours of rest you want to get, and the days you want the alarm to go off and it will send you reminder that it's time to go to bed. How many of us can honestly say we get a full eight hours every night?

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Oh, and if you want the more traditional feel of a stopwatch, select the stopwatch, and then swipe left and it will give you this screen....

So far this update has been one of my favorites so far, so tell me what are your favorite features in iOS 10?


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