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How'd you do that? Apps for Social Media Graphics

You ever have something to say but can't ever seem to find the right image quote to fit what you're feeling or you want to make a creative post incorporating your own images?  Or you if you're a small business or influencer you want something that fits your brand while sharing information (be it inspirational, for a laugh or whatever). Well I thought I'd share a couple of my one's I actually use and have installed on my phone.

Canva This literally might be my number one go to app.  You can create just about anything in it and you really don't have to know much about graphic design or anything!  I initially was using Canva online as that's where they started, but when they created the app..can you say game changer?? Being able to create things on the fly and being able to access things you created online is *insert some made up adjective for awesome here*  :) Seriously though anything you can think of and some things that you can't (they've got templates for you too). Overlays, frames, shapes, colors, fonts...Canva has it, and did I mention it's free?? You can get the Canva App for free on iOS and it' coming soon to can sign up to get notified when it does here.

Adobe SparkPost When you think of graphics, design or anything of that sort automatically Adobe should come to mind. For quite a while they held the strings on graphic design and still hold a relatively large chunk of the market.  But as all things must evolve and change with the times so did Adobe.  They started making apps to help the creative that was working from their phone.  Adobe SparkPost is similar to Canva but with a household name behind it.  You can make your posts with tons of graphic options (because it's Adobe duh). You also have the option to animate your posts! So it gives them a little something extra. I also love the fact that you can resize the post to fit IG Stories, so whatever you're trying to share fits in that screen, seriously for a bit that was bugging me.  This app is also free and is available on iOS (sorry Android it's coming sign up to be notified here). There are tons of graphics apps out there but I these are my go-to's, do you guys have favorites? Are you gonna add these to your arsenal? They are free so no money lost if you do, and they'll probably benefit your online presence.

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