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Got good grades? Well turn them in for rewards with Kudzoo!

Kudzoo Logo (Photo:

As a parent, you want your kids to get good grades, I know as a kid it was a precedent set in my house. I had a deal with my mom, she promised me $5 for every "A". Don't laugh that was alot back in the 90's when it added up. I myself am now a mother and I do like to reward my son for good grades, but what if there was an app that could do that too? Well Kudzoo is that app.

It's really simple, you take a picture of your report card, upload it into the app and then it's reviewed by Kudzoo staff. After that they approve or deny it. If it's approved you get Kudzoo Cash (more or less reward points) that you can redeem in the shop section of the app. You can also earn more Kudzoo cash by completing a daily challenge. You can also earn more Kudzoo cash by referring your friends and entering your attendance. There's things like gift cards, deals for discounts, even experiences.

Kudzoo Shop Screen on Android device (Photo: Google Play Store)

Kudzoo Report card upload on iOS (Photo: iTunes)

You are allowed to upload 5 report cards a year. The end of the school year is coming up, so this might be a pretty cool app to download for your kids or for you if your in school. It is available for iOS and Android. Oh and it's free!


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