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Google I/O Conference 2013 recap

Photo credit: Google.comToday Google kicked off it's sixth annual developer conference and they came out swinging. As has been speculated for some time Google announced it's music streaming service, All Access for Google Play. This new service will place Google in competition with Spotify and Pandora. The service is $9.99/month but if you sign up by June 30th, then you can get it for $7.99/month and that includes a 30-day free trial. Google Maps on the web has also been given a huge revamping. It is being tailored to look and function more like the Google Maps mobile app, where the interaction occurs directly within the map itself. It also boasts a new 3D view feature, this is similar to what Google Earth offered. Google will be sending out invitations starting tomorrow for users to test the feature. Google+, which is Google's social network, has a few new features as well. They've updated the interface, which has a Pinterest vibe to it, but the big thing is the new automatic filters and hashtags for photos. When you upload photos it can analyze the photo and automatically add a tag to it. The filters work to improve the contrast, brightness, and skin smoothing in your uploaded photos. Not bad for a keynote speech right? And that's not all of it, check back for more updates.

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