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Giving Simplified, through Giving Assistant

If you know me you know I do community service year round, if you know me then you also know I like to save some coins if I can. While I haven't mastered coupon'ing yet I sign up for all the savings/point apps I can, will always search for a promo code before buying, and LOVE a sale! But what happens when I stumble across something that allows for both??

Let me introduce you guys to Giving Assistant! It's like your secretary to help you give back...get it Giving Assistant? *lol* I'm done, I'm done...But seriously that's what it does. You can shop and get cash back for spending money ANNNDDD you get to donate to a charity of your choice. You can check to see if your charity is already signed up to receive donations through Giving Assistant, and if their not tell them to get on it, it's an easy and effortless way to give and fund raise!

Quick run through How Giving Assistant works...

  1. Sign up on

  2. Designate your nonprofit for donations (You can actually donate your cash back earnings to over 1.5M nonprofits and charities, even small-town, local ones! )

  3. Once you do that you have a slider in your settings to designate the percentage of the cashback that goes to you and what goes to your charity)

  4. Log in and browse for what you may be shopping for by category, so home decor, clothes, electronics, etc. Or you can simply search for your favorite store.

  5. Once you find your store, or one that's in the category click on it, and it opens a link to the store activating your shopping session for cash back ..easy right?

How Giving Assistant works for me and my family

Now of course I love to shop online (going to the store or mall is draining to me) so starting a session through Giving Assistant is easy. I've added it to my bookmarks toolbar for quick access when opening a window. I browsed all over the site after designated Safe Shores as my non profit. (I'm an Ambassador for them, and my husband fund raises for them annually via his #SantaCause campaign). Once I find what I'm looking for, I tend to look for my favorite stores, because I already know what the budget is looking like. Then I get to browsing.

This week I was definitely shopping with intent. Our house was broken into this past Tuesday and while we didn't lose alot of material things, needless to say my nerves were rattled. I was looking for cameras to have installed on the house so we can see everything going on and deter anyone from doing it again. I opened a session through Giving Assistant for Lowes, and found what I needed in about 20 mins, had checked out and setup in-store pickup! *Did I mention that they had 4% cashback that day?* So while I was filling a need for my family I was still able to support my favorite charity without a second thought. Oh annnd they've got lots of promo codes and deals on here too so you can save some money while donating some!

Giving Assistant is also a fundraising platform and, to-date, over 22K nonprofits have raised money via their technology platform. So if you're looking for another way to fund raise for your organization, check it out! Giving Assistant is free to sign up for, really easy to use, and it only takes about 5 minutes, annnnd if you sign up through my link you get $5 automatically and once you earn some cash back I get $5! So whatcha waiting for?? Happy Shopping and saving!

*This is a sponsored post, I’ve been compensated but thoughts, opinions and experience are my own. This post contains affiliate links, an affiliate link means that I earn a small amount when you click through the link or sign up*

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