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Gift Ideas for the Techie or Geek in Your Life

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You hear that? *cues up Christmas music* Well if you have that one station that I know every area has, that plays Christmas music all day every day starting well before Thanskgiving, then you hear it. If you been into stores lately then you see the onslaught of Christmas decorations already front and center. So now comes the part of figuring out what to get everyone on your list, kids are usually pretty good about telling you or making a list of what they want. But what do you get for the geek in your life? I've got a few suggestions......

  1. Tablet- If they don't already have one and they are into gadgets, it's a great gift and they'll get alot of use out of it. Now I know you're thinking if they have a computer or a smartphone, why do they need a tablet? Well it's more portable and I know for me when traveling much easier to just take a tablet to read my books, play a few games on. Oh and Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is retailing for $49.99 now so you don't have to break the bank!

Kindle Fire Photo:

  1. Media Streaming Device - Got a Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or any other movie/music subscription? Well we all know with Smart TVs allow for you to connect these accounts to the TV so you can access your favorite media but what if you don't have a Smart TV? I don't so last year I got received a Chromecast as a gift. It's only $35 and I can stream Netflix to my TV, as well as other media right from my phone or iPad! They are always adding apps to expand the capabilities of this handy little device. There is also the Amazon Fire Stick which also allows for streaming of Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBONow and more! It retails for $39.99. There is also the Roku, which precedes the other two devices and has been through a few incarnations and also has a few incarnations such as the original Roku 1 Player (which can connect to an older TV through the AV connection or HDMI). Like the other two it also has the Roku stick that works with the HDMI port on newer TVs. The Roku products start at $49.99.

Streaming devices (l-r: Chromecast, FireStick, Roku Stick, Roku 1)

  1. Gift Cards- I know this one wasn't really a secret or something hard to figure out. When in doubt a gift card will always make a great gift. But if it's for a techie, try an iTunes, Amazon, or a Visa/MasterCard so that they can use to indulge in whatever gadgets they please!

  1. Almost forgot, if you're still not sure, check out for gift ideas as well!

Hope this short list was a little helpful for you and I'll be adding and sharing more of my gift insights soon!


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