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Get your Real Life Spring cleaning done with the help of these apps

The seasons are changing, and if you haven't already ( I haven't as the weather keeps flip flopping here in the DC area) you've started swapping out your wardrobes, and started shopping for lighter colors and maxi dresses. That ties in with that annual tradition of spring cleaning..perhaps rearranging the furniture, changing the heavy comforters for something lighter, or doing some other updates around the house. I've found a couple of apps that can help you with your spring cleaning..I mean your phone is probably going to be in your hand or nearby anyway, right?


This little app is like a HGTV in your pocket! The Brightnest filled with lots of "how-to's" and let's you set reminders for things your house needs regularly. Not sure how to get that stain out the carpet or remove that stuck on stuff in the bottom of the over? You more than likely can find a video that'll help you figure it out. If you're looking for ways to add more cushion to that nest egg, you can even look under their savvy options to see ways to be more cost effective with things in your home! The app in itself is savyy because get's FREE! It'll even let you schedule things that you have to do often (or the ones that aren't as often and you may forget about). The app is available for iOS and Android.

Brightnest Screen

Brightnest Screen

Task Rabbit

Have Bob Villa dreams for your living space but your skills are at the level of that "nailed it" commercial for State Farm with Chris Paul? Well then you may need to download Task Rabbit. This handy (no pun intended) app, lets you find providers to do everything from mounting that new flat screen to assembling that entertainment center that has one page of directions and an allen wrench. You simply download the FREE app, describe the task you need done, input the dates and times you're available to have it done, and then it matches you to a list of "taskers". Then you can sort through and pick a provider based on price. You connect with them right through the app, and the payment is handled through the app as well. Task Rabbit also backs their Taskers, they do extensive background checks and each service is backed by $1 million in property damage. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Task Rabbit Screen

Task Rabbit Screen Happy Home Improvements and Spring Cleaning!


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