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Get your feet wet in Podcasting with the Anchor App

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Interested in journalism, looking for a new way to connect with your audience? Or perhaps you've been thinking about starting a podcast on something that interests you, well maybe downloading the Anchor app will help with that....


The name app should have made you think of a news reporter and not a ship. Well if you were thinking news then you would be on the right track. The Anchor app allows you to broadcast audio clips globally in an instant! The audio clips can be up to two minutes. So think of it as a podcast, but on a smaller and more interactive scale. The app allows for users to respond with their voice and you can reply to them as well, kind of neat right? I think this will grow considering the way apps such as Periscope have caught fire.

Anchor screen (Photo: iTunes)

 photo AnchorScreen2_zpshbbmo1bx.jpeg

Anchor screen (Photo: iTunes)

Those in media or looking to get into it will likely hop on it sooner rather than later. It was listed as an app to watch coming out of SXSW 2016 this year. It's currently only available for iPhone.


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