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Get in the kitchen with Steph and Ayesha Curry..on your phone!

Chef Curry with the pot boy *in my best Drake voice*...ok...ok now that I got the obvious pun out the way lol. Did you guys know that Ayesha and Steph Curry have their own mobile cooking game?  We all know that line from Drake's 0-100, so it fits, but it'll make even more sense after you check out Mrs. Curry's resume. Ayesha Curry is known for her cooking skills, she's got her own show on Food Network, a cookbook, her own meal delivery service called Home Made, a YouTube channel, and then some!

About the Game Steph appears on the show and on her YouTube with Ayesha so we've seen Chef Curry before but now you get to have some fun and play along!  In the game, you get to run a restaurant with The Currys. Ayesha and Steph Curry do the actual voices in the game as well.  Think Cooking Dash with a twist, the twist being one of favorite couples in the kitchen.  Games like these are all about time management, but they are so fun!  The game has over 500 levels and you can connect to Facebook to invite your friends and get extra rewards.

*Please don't spam your friend with requests* If you've played any time management games then this is definitely for you . If you're just looking for a new game to check out this might be a good fit too.  Chef Curry is available for free on iOS and Android.  There are some in-app purchases of course, but now you too can be Chef Curry with the pot, pan, spatula lol.
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