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Geeky Thoughts: Geek, Nerd words that you should be proud of

Hey There your favorite geek here! I always see those little memes little images floating around that make a nerd joke or humor and I find them funny. But there is a difference between a geek and a nerd...neither of which offends me at this point in my life (someone build a time machine to go tell high school Adrian this). I am proud to be a geek and don't blink an eye if I'm referred to as a nerd (it's actually in my Instagram bio and obviously in my blog title).

Geek is defined as a knowledgable and obsessive enthusiast. I wear this one proudly, I am enthusiastic about everything technology! I want to know how it works, what's the next big thing, and how to build it or work with it if I can. That's what essentially drew me to technology in the first place. As a kid though it was the person that was made fun of, the socially awkward person in school. Even in cartoons and sitcoms.

Nerd is defined as a single minded person in a particular technical field. It's also defined as a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. I guess I have nerd traits, and I'm ok with that too. Nothing wrong with being studious or an expert in technical field portion, I'll take that. I don't think anyone should feel insulted by either term, especially in the age we live in. Look at who runs alot of the very things that you use on a daily basis..your smartphone, social media..started by nerds, ran by geeks people doing what they love!


A proud Geek


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