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Geek WishList: Samsung Galaxy camera

Photo credit I have been on the search for a new camera for a few years now, as the Polaroid digital camera I have is getting old. Recently I came across the Samsung Galaxy camera, and it has been added to my Geek wish list. Now I am not crossing over to the Android tablet or phone family, but the specs on the camera are great! check them out below: Now of course the Samsung Galaxy camera is running off of the Android OS, but let's focus on the actual camera aspects first. It has a 23mm wide-angle lens that gives you a 21x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. There are preset settings for taking pictures or you can manually adjust them. And the camera takes voice commands (via Samsung S Voice™) There is also a photo wizard that allows for editing of the photos on the camera! And the Video editor allows you to delete, rearrange scenes! Of course to be able to do all of this you would need a nice LCD screen, which it has, the screen is 4.8". It's wi-fi capable and has models that are sold through the wireless carriers with LTE capabilities, which means you can share on the go! I think for the average user Wi-Fi is sufficient. The Wi-Fi models are $449.99. The camera comes in black and white. Check them out here: Samsung Galaxy Camera

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