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Gadget Gazing: Up Close and Personal with the Bellabeat Leaf!

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I know you're thinking who accessorizes when preparing to work out? Why does she have a bracelet on to go jogging? No it's not a bracelet on my arm, it's my Bella Beat LEAF! This cute little accessory is actually my fitness tracker. Who says wearables can't be stylish? But let's get into what this thing really does....

So I was immediately drawn in by how pretty it was, I like pretty things I can't help it, but moving on. The LEAF tracks your sleeping habits, your activity, your menstrual cycles and even helps you practice breathing exercises. You can wear it in three different ways, on your wrist, on a chain as a necklace, or clip it on your pants or shirt. Majority of the time I wore it on the chain as a necklace, it was just easier to slip on. The leather bracelet very chic by the way, took some maneuvering to get on so it definitely wasn't my favorite way to wear it. I did wear it as a clip on when I went to the gym a couple of weeks ago and it almost ended up in the lost and found because it slid off my pants while I was burning through 3 miles on the bike. Luckily it was right there when I went back to get it.


The LEAF syncs all the activity to an app that is available for both Android and iOS. The LEAF tracks your sleeping. It helps you see how well you're actually sleeping. So essentially you are wearing it all the time (not in the shower, don't know that it's waterproof and electronics and water generally don't's just a good rule of thumb). I'll admit sometimes I would forget to put it back on at night, but it does allow for manual sleep time input, you just won't get the most accurate pattern for your sleep that way. I also like the little quips it gives if you're shy of your daily goals which for activity can be modified. Like on days I don't get enough sleep, it will say something along the lines of "today is cancelled, go back to bed" I would have to concur some days but the show must go on.

In App view of Daily Goals


As a network engineer, I tend to do alot of computer keyboard work, loosely translated, I'm sitting in front of a computer ALOT. So I decided to join a gym and really start incorporating fitness back into my weekly routine, the LEAF logs all my activity including a breakdown of active and resting calories burned daily. It also keeps a log of distance for the day and a 7 day average. And for you pedometer tracks steps too! So what's not to like?

Main Daily screen on LEAF App

It tracks your what??

Guys if you're still reading this part definitely isn't for you. Yes ladies, it even helps track your cycle. And after a little while will help you predict the when and the length if you are slightly abnormal. Now the part I didn't pay really close attention to was the fact that you have to tell it that your period is over, (it says end period I really just wasn't paying attention) But there have been a couple of updates to the app, since I received this last month and they are always improving. You can even set alarms in the app so that your LEAF gives you a nudge (small vibration) to remind you to take your pills or vitamins. Oh that also works to remind you to get moving.

Bella Beat LEAF in Silver and Rose Gold (Photo: Bella Beat)

I literally wear this thing all the time, and I like it! I make sure it's on when I do my workouts, tracking my progress puts in perspective for me. So if you're looking for a fitness tracker that looks cute but can do what the "sportier" looking ones do, then this is it. You can order yours from Amazon, it retails for $119.99 (White Ash/Silver) and $149.99 (Blackwood/Rose Gold).

 photo 191DF49C-80CC-4636-B22A-D17F5E136A61_zps3npira7x.jpg

*Disclosure: Product or service was provided for free or at reduced cost in exchange for my review, opinions are my own. This post does contain links but are not affiliate links*

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