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Fun Fridays: Awesome Disney Princess/Marvel mashup from artist Robby Cook

Happy Friday!! I came across this wonderful piece of art on Instagram the other day and had to feature it! It's a mashup of Disney Princesses and Marvel, how cool is that?? It's like a double dose of geek!! Can you figure out the combinations? If not check them out below! Princess/Marvel pairings:

  1. Snow White as Wasp

  2. Aurora as Captain Marvel

  3. Elsa as Emma Frost (White Queen)

  4. Merida as Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

  5. Megara as Black Widow

  6. Esmeralda as Scarlet Witch

  7. Jasmine as Elektra

  8. Belle as She Hulk

  9. Rapunzel as Sue Storm

  10. Mulan as Psylocke

  11. Pocahontas as X23

  12. Cinderella as Mockingbird

  13. Tiana as Storm

  14. Ariel as Phoenix II

  15. Anna as Valkyrie

So I must say my favorites are Merida as Hawkeye, Tiana as Storm, Mulan as Psylocke, and Ariel as Phoenix! To see more of this great artwork head over to Facebook and like the Cartoon Cookie page where Robby Cook features his work! Which ones are your favorites?


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