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Fun Friday: Play Super Nintendo games on your computer

I am almost sure if you grew up in the 90s you know what that picture above is, or at least what it appears to be. Nowadays we have the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Wii U, but when I was younger my favorite system had to be the Super Nintendo. Well you can play it on your PC! Here's how you do it, first thing you are going to need is an emulator (a program that emulates the console) which you can download at EmuParadise . The download is usually a zip file, then run the executable file from the folder. Now I did have to try a few to find one that I liked but I went with the Snes9XW. You can also search the site for ROMS which are the games that you play on the emulators. I am pretty sure that my actual console is still at my mom's somewhere. *Update* You can also do this in your browser! Download Google Chrome, then go to your Google Drive, and click on the "My Drive" that is above where your folders sit. Go to More then select "Connect More Apps" and find Game Emulator. You can use the same ROM's found at EmuParadise via the URL or downloading them and saving them to your drive to play. Happy gaming! ~ChicDiveGeek

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