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Fun Friday: Free MS-DOS games to play in your web browser

screenshots courtesy of MobyGames

So I may be telling my age, but who remembers going to computer class and that one day in the week the teacher would say you could play games? I definitely do. Well now you can play over 2,000 MS-DOS games of your childhood in your web browser! Games like Oregon Trail, Sim City, and Stunts to name a few. Thanks to the Internet Archive these games are available to you, however according to the site, it is still in beta but there is a pretty extensive FAQ if you run into any problems and you can even send suggestions if there is a game that you remember that isn't there. Am I the only one who remembers " On your own in Suburbia"? Anyway, it's a great way to waste some time while on the web and these games are free, so check them out here: Archive MSDOS Games Tip: It tends to run better in Chrome web browsers


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