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From the A List to Silicon Valley...Your favorite celebs you didn't know were technology investors

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Celebrity by definition is a famous person or being well known. But something that I bet you didn't know is that some of your favorite celebrities are investors in technology startups...alot of them!



Yes the queen of the BeyHive silently invests into tech! Now of course she is a brand all in her own right, landing number 34 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year. But most recently Beyoncé invested $150,000 into SideStep, via her management company Parkwood Entertainment. SideStep is an app that will let you buy concert merchandise ahead of the concert and pick up when you get there.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr (Photo: Wikipedia)

Bet you didn't know he had other things in common with his on screen character Tony Stark aka Iron Man did you? Through Downey Ventures, a division of his company, Team Downey, Robert Downey Jr. invests in digital media start-ups and also incubates consumer entertainment technology companies. As recently as this year, they've invested in the Geek subscription site, Loot Crate and the online learning platform MasterClass.


Nas (Photo:

*Cues up If I ruled the World* Rapper Nas, doesn't just dabble, he has Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ben Horowitz advising him! Smart moves there Mr Nasir. The two are both investors in the lyric annotation site Rap Genius, now known as Genius. Between his company QueensBridge Venture Partner and his own personal investments, he has 41 investments, that include, Tilt, SeatGeek, Coinbase and a host of others.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson (Photo:

This one is an obvious one but since we share the same birthday, he's going on this list lol! (I didn't know that until I went and did my research) This guy literally has his hands in everything! From Movie Theaters to Starbucks (which he sold) to 30 Burger Kings. Did you know he's on the board of Directors for Square?? His company Magic Johnson Enterprises as recently as September invested in Uncharted Play a company that looks to use technology to empower the people.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher (Photo: IMDB)

He's definitely not the guy he played on That 70's Show....not even close. Ashton Kutcher's portfolio of tech investments reads like a seasoned business man. He's got over 50 invesments, some noteable ones include AirBnB, Duolingo, SeatGeek, and If you take nothing else from this, it should be that you don't have to be an IT person to invest in technology and you should also be making your money work for you! ~ChicDivaGeek

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