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Firefox Hello

Photo: Screenshot of Firefox browser Last week Firefox quietly rolled out Firefox Hello. The new add on allows you to start video chats right from your browser without having to sign in, just send the person you want to connect with the link. You do need to have the latest version of Firefox installed to take advantage of this feature. The person you are chatting with doesn't have to be using Firefox but they do need to be using Google Chrome, Opera, or of course Firefox. The reason with those specific browsers is that they support WebRTC (the technology that Firefox Hello uses). It's always a good idea to have more than one browser installed anyway. This is a pretty good way to start a video chat up on the fly without having to log in, check to make sure the other person has Skype or Google accounts. So next time you open your Firefox browser look in the upper right hand corner for the smiley face icon and check it out! ~ChicDivaGeek

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