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Favorites from TechCrunch's Disrupt NY Hackathon

Over the weekend TechCrunch held it's Disrupt 24-hr Hackathon ahead of the actual Disrupt NY event that is happening right now. Now before I share my favorite gems from the hackathon, keep in mind that some of these may never come to fully exist or don't expect a complete turn around in the next week. I mean the coders and creative minds were up all night.

Photo credit: TechCrunch.comFirst up, Pager, this turns your Facebook page (talking to small businesses here) into an actual website. I know for a lot of small businesses, having a fancy website is not at the top of their list and often for a really good web designer you're going to spend a little bit of money. The basis of Pager is using the Facebook API. You log into Pager with your Facebook credentials, then pick which page you want and tada! you've got yourself a functioning website.

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My number two pick from the Hackathon was Split. The concept like the name is simple this is an app that allows you to fairly split the bill with friends. Key word being fairly, you could just take the total and divide it amongst the number of people there, but what if you only had lemons and water (just kidding, lol). But seriously if one person had two appetizers, several shots and a full meal, splitting the bill evenly doesn't seem fair does it? With this app, you take a picture of the receipt go through the items and you can split the items off and bill them to friends via a Venmo request.

Happy Tech Tuesday!


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