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Facebook rolls out new Scrapbook feature

Photo credit: Facebook Newsroom

Surprise! There's a new feature over on Facebook (insert sarcasm font). Facebook is famous for making changes and all to often they are not to the pleasure of it's users, but this change might actually ok. They've taken the nostalgia of scrap booking and added it to Facebook

Remember in the not so distance past when people would actually print out photos and put them in photo albums, or capture those moments of the first few years of their child's life and then put them into a book? Well now of course that doesn't really make much sense, considering the way we share things is via the internet. So now with the new Facebook Scrapbook feature you can have all the digital memories of your little one(s) in one place. In order to make a scrapbook of your child, you have to have them listed in your family members on Facebook. Next you would go to the About section of your profile, and under Family and Relationships there will be an option to make a scrapbook. You can co-own the scrapbook of your child with the person you are in a relationship with on Facebook. Only you and the person you are in a relationship with can tag the child in photos for the scrapbook. Then you can share the scrapbook with friends and they can share it with theirs.

Image credit: Facebook Newsroom This feature will be available on the desktop website and the app versions of Facebook. I wonder how many new moms and dads will be utilizing this feature? ~ChicDivaGeek

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