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Facebook for Work? Yea or Neigh?

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In this day and age many of us are on some type of social media platform, be it Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. At any given time you can log into any of these social media platforms and you're getting updates from people, with most activity being during the work day. According to studies, nearly 1/3 of employees use Facebook while they are at work. So it's not surprising that Mark Zuckerberg has launched, Facebook for Work? But is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Facebook (as is any social media) is there for you to interact with people online, to be social. But how does this translate to the workplace? I mean you already talk around the water cooler, or at someone's desk or at the company potluck so is there really that much of a difference? The public pilot of the social media giant's corporate social platform was launched late last week.

There is an app for both iOS and eventually Android, but your company does have to adopt it. If your company has Facebook at Work, there is a separate account but you can link it to your personal Facebook, but they are still separate. In some aspects this idea is like the company intranet on steroids or on a more relaxed scale. Because it's not something that you as an employee can initiate on your own, but it would planning social things with colleagues more relaxed, and more lighthearted.

On the business side though, how do you control from the corporate aspect what goes up on the Facebook at Work site, documents, do's and don'ts there is a lot to take into consideration. There are already sites and things such as SalesForce, Asana that were attempting to foster the social aspect with corporate collaboration, will Facebook really be a viable option for companies, Will it be secure, will employees even want to use it?

You can check out the help page here to find out more: and if you want to check out the app on iOS Facebook at work on iTunes


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