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Dance your own beat literally with JukeDeck

Stock Photo: Pexels

There are so many people that are making careers or hobbies out of creating digital content such as vlogging, YouTube tutorials, and alot of time they are using other people's music as their soundtrack. Unless you're an artist this is the case, or your video may have no soundtrack at all. But what if there was a way for you to have unique royalty-free music for your video projects and you don't have to have sound engineering experience?

Jukedeck is the answer to that! The website uses Artificial Intelligence to create each chord and note of your unique song. It literally only takes a few minutes! You tell it the style/genre of music you want, your choices are between Folk, Rock, Electronic, and Ambient. Next you can even customize the instruments based on which genre you chose, even play with the BPM (beats per minutes) and the tempo if you wish. Then hit create and tada! You've got your own music! Take a listen to the one I created here: ChicDivaGeek's Jukedeck song They named it Lyrical Regret (I chose rock and uplifting and this is what I got).

Jukedeck Screen

There was even an option to make it Christmassy..I mean it is the holiday season. For an individual or a small business (you have fewer than 10 employees), you can open a free account which gets you 5 free downloads a month. If you go over it's $6.99/download. Not quite a Fortune 500 company, then the Large Business option for $21.99 which allows for the royalty free license but covers your company as you have more than 10 employees. So go give it a try, I think I may make a few more songs lol, I could even have my own soundtrack!


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