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Ctrl+Shift+Blend! Checking out the USB charging Bingo Juicer Cup [Review]

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I love when a new gadget falls in my lap! And by that I mean I was given this product in exchange for my review, thoughts and opinions are my own. Now that we've got that out of the way, I am sure you've seen this shared on Facebook a few times or even stumbled across it on the web. It's the Bingo Self Blending Juicer Cup. Pretty neat right?

When I first got it, I honestly expected it to be lighter for some strange reason, it only weighs 1.3lbs. It is a fair weight but not heavy enough that you wouldn't carry it around, hence the loop. It recharges via USB so I can be charging my blender cup while I am say ohhhh typing this post! But moving along. The cup itself is made of a thick glass with a 2600mAh lithium battery. You can take the base off when cleaning it. This is made in Hong Kong so the directions are in Chinese, but it contained pictures so that was helpful, and they are pretty self explanatory. Now it did come charged so I didn't have to charge it before I used it. You will need to lay it down to charge it since the port is on the bottom and it can't stand straight up while charging.

All setup and ready to juice, multitaskers unite!

USB charging port on bottom of Bingo Juicer Cup

You can't make smoothies for the entire fitness group with this but a single serve one you definitely can. Also do not use frozen fruit in here, so fresh fruit is best. I attempted that and it did a little but that was after some thawing on the fruit side. Add a little milk or yogurt, turn the cup upside down (make sure the top is on tight), press the inverted power button twice and voila! It starts to make your smoothie juice right there. I know more than a few on the go healthy people this might be really convenient for.

My smoothie results (not bad for the first try)

It comes in 5 different colors, Peach Pink, Violet Purple, Mint Blue, Matcha Green, and Watermelon Red..even the color options sound healthy! You can order yours from Apollo Box for $39.98. So are you going to order the Bingo Juicer Cup? I'm hoping this will encourage me to do it a little more...I might even keep it my desk at work.....hmmmm. Apollo Box has tons of other gadgets too if this isn't your cup of...I won't I won't lol.

Multitasking about to blend and blog! (Photo: My Fiance)


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