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Cruisin with ChicDivaGeek: The Mazda CX-9 Signature


You've heard the expression "Where the rubber meets the road right"? More or less it means moment of truth or the important point for something. Well I couldn't tell you much about the 2016 Mazda CX-9 until the rubber literally met the road! I prepared for the new year (pretty sure I tested the gas mileage lol) and got to test out the Mazda CX-9 Signature!

I love a good SUV so I was happy when this was delivered. The color is Sonic Silver Metallic, but for most of us, we'd just say silver. When I first opened the doors, my first thought was oohhh this is fancy. It had a deep red (Auburn) leather interior (my current vehicle doesn't have leather but that's a personal preference). So with it being winter I immediately looked for the seat warmer button and of course there it was! So all was well in my world. It also has a power moonroof, and even though I couldn't use it the way I wanted to I always found myself sliding the cover back to let the sunshine in..what can I say, I like natural light.

Power Moonroof inside the CX-9

If you know me, then you know we are about to get into the technology packed into this SUV. It of course has push button start, which I love, it even automatically locks after you and the key get out of the car, which is a feature my son didn't like because well I get out pretty fast so we had to synchronize better. Moving along, it has bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your phone for music or to talk. I love the fact that it gives you the option, to enable it for the phone, music, or both. It also features the lane departure warning, as well as back up sensors, rear cross traffic sensors, back up camera and not to mention blind spot monitoring and brake assist. It even flashes in your window to brake if it feels you aren't braking fast enough. It even has a power parking brake (so it's not a traditional one that you'd use your foot on, or lift with your hand, it's literally the touch of a button). How's that for convenience? And I've got one better, it has a power trunk, so while I'm trying to juggle 50 things, just holding the button opened the trunk for me!

View from the drivers seat

The Mazda CX-9 also has a third row, which cuts down on trunk space and don't plan on putting any kids over 4'11" back there, but more seats are still a good thing to have if you're going to be taking a trip or just having more than a couple of kids over. Did I mention how great the gas mileage was?? It was amazing, for the speed that you get out of the SkyActiv turbo engine, the gas mileage is amazing, I only filled up one time the entire week, and I drive ALOT! It gets 23/MPG on the highway.

Third row inside Mazda CX-9

Overall I enjoyed the test drive, it makes me look at Mazda a little differently. I am a Nissan gal, this is known, but Mazda has really stepped up their lineup, and the continuity that is spread across the models is good too. The Mazda CX-9 Signature retails for $44,015. Oh and my favorite part about driving Mazda when I get the chance, there's always a Mazda 4 Good card in there, you just specify the organization you want them to donate to! I of course chose Safe Shores DC.

*Disclosure: The car was lent to me in exchange for my review, opinions are my own*


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