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CoverMe App

Screenshot courtesy of ChicDivaGeek Ever wanted to send a message like James Bond "This message will self destruct in..." Well then here is the new CoverMe app. This app boast that it can provide you with secure text messaging, secure calls, and even a vault to protect your documents from those that would want to pry into your phone. You can send text messages that "self destruct" once they've been read, this is done by embedded code. You can even recall and remotely wipe messages, so that message you accidentally sent to your mom instead of your significant other doesn't have to burn mom's retinas. The app is available for both Android and iPhone; it's also a free download. There are some in-app purchases but majority of the features are included in the free. *update* the secure messaging feature only works if the person you are sending to is using the app as well CoverMe ~ChicDivaGeek

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