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Chromecast Mozilla's Matchstick

If you are familiar with Chromecast, then you already have a pretty good idea of what Matchstick is, it's a streaming HDMI stick that connects to your TV and allows for streaming media from the internet such as Netflix, Hulu, and others. Well unlike Chromecast Matchstick is based on Firefox OS, so it's open source. The product hasn't hit shelves yet, but they are preparing to launch a Kickstarter for it. With the first 500 backers getting the device for $12, after that the Matchstick will go for $18, with delivery in January 2015. Once it goes to retail it will be $25. They've offered a open source option and it's $10 cheaper than Chromecast? Hmmm not a bad way to throw your hat into the ring, this is pretty cool if you don't have a smartTV or want to be able to stream things your already HDMI enabled television. As we all know open source allows for lower production costs as well as more options when it comes to the apps that it can offer. The stick itself houses a dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor, 4GB of storage and 1GB of DDR3 memory, and that just translates to better playback for the consumer. These guys are even allowing you to download the designs and hardware schematics, if that isn't transparent and open I don't know what is. You could even design your own HDMI streaming stick. Also if you're a developer, they are making 250 prototypes available for developers to use in making apps available, you can register here: Matchstick Kickstarter ~ChicDivaGeek

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