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Childhood memories meet adulthood! I'm an ambassador for Little Debbie!

Hey Guys!! Soooo guess what?? *Like my title didn't give it away* Your favorite blogger's favorite tech blogger is now an ambassador for *gasps* Little Debbie! We keep an the trifecta of Little Debbie snacks in our pantry (that's Oatmeal Creme Pies, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls and Fudge Rounds in case you were curious). I can't wait to share how my family and I enjoy these little pieces of sweetness! And leave it to me to tie this back to technology...keep reading!

So, of course I'm a tech blogger and my mid day crash or snack craving can be quelled by grabbing any of my favorites, which the fudge round is in the lead, it's like a brownie and a cookie! But back to the tech...Did you know Little Debbie has an app? The app is loaded with a old school style pinball game with some sweet accents. There's also a shake it and make it section, you spin it (well shake it) and it gives you different recipes that incorporate your favorite Little Debbie snacks. Most of the recipes are super easy, probably bad for your waistline but sound good! I've already got my eye on two so I'll be sure to share them when I try them!

Little Debbie App Home Screen (Photo: iTunes)

Inside the Little Debbie App, Shake it and Make it (Photo: iTunes)

Pinball Game inside the Little Debbie App (Photo: iTunes) The Little Debbie App is free to download and is available on iOS and Android. Happy Snacking, I've gotta make sure I get miles on this bike!

*I'm a brand ambassador for Little Debbie, I've been compensated but thoughts and opinions are my own*


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