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Chic Reviews: Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6/6s Wallet Wristlet

It's a's a phone case...wait it's both! Cute and compact the Rebecca Minkoff Wristlet Wallet is great when you can't carry a full purse and need to hang on to the essentials.

It's cute and functional, and needless to say it's much so that when I first put my phone in it, I couldn't get it out! After my small meltdown and lots of pulling I figured out how to remove it. But needless to say while it was in there, it falling out while it was on my wrist was the least of my worries. It didn't prevent me from using my phone either, I could charge my phone, plug in my headphones, and get to all of the buttons and the camera was still usable as well. It was a little awkward putting the phone to my ear though.

 photo DACD5686-210E-4663-988A-352CB8651202_zpsi8bjgolz.jpg

But I was able to put my phone, my ID, bank card, and a few bills and just go! Only thing that would make this better is if the strap was adjustable to secure it to your wrist, you know like the Wii controller? Otherwise it comes in quite handy! Rebecca Minkoff also offers this Wristlet Wallet with a charging option as well. The way my iPhone battery is setup, I think I need to invest in that one.

*I was given this product for free, thoughts and opinions are my own*

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