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CES 2014: New stuff from LG

The technology/consumer product giant LG presented at CES 2014 this morning and they announced some really cool stuff! The company provides everything from smartphones to washers/dryers for the home, and their presentation, covered the gamut. The company briefly started with their "LG Home Chat" which would allow you to send messages to your home appliances. (Smart House, anyone?) You can text your appliances to tell them to turn on. Really cool or really creepy, or as we nerds often joke, SkyNet. Next the company went to the LG Flex, which is the rounded smartphone that has been getting a ton of buzz lately. Is rounder better? Who's to say, could be somewhat of an ergonomic approach to smartphones. It will be available with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. No date has been announced just yet. Up Next, LG's WebOS. Which is as it's name describes a OS built on the basis of..what else, the Web. From what I have seen it looks clean and fluid, and the company will be introducing it on the new line of SmartTVs. So of course with SmartTVs, you can stream directly to them with apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and they've managed to get an Amazon Instant App for their WebOS! In the fitness realm, because I did say the covered the gamut of products here lol, LG has developed the Lifeband Touch, which is a fitness activity monitor and heart rate headphones. You can get the stats of your workouts or daily activity directly from it but it also works with smartphones, works best with LG devices of course, but also Android and iPhone. It works with some of the most popular fitness apps, such as My Fitness Pal (personally use this one) and RunKeeper. This should be available Spring 2014.

Top: LG Lifeband Bottom: LG Flex SmartphoneLG has debuted it's first all-in-one PC, the LG Chromebase. It will run the Google Chrome OS with a size of 22", it is expected to arrive in the 1st quarter of this year. Next up, for my home theater enthusiasts, the new SoundPlate which allow for Bluetooth streaming and has wireless sub-woofer. They also featured, their multi-room speaker system, which is WiFi and Bluetooth capable. They rounded out the sound/speaker segment with two new sound bars as well. LG will also be adding three new Blu-ray players. And the of entertainment system would be complete without......TVs! They will be bringing 12 new models of their 4K TVs. But the one that is literally stealing the show (and the awards, and someone's living room) is LG's105-inch 105UC9 curved TV. So think of it as a small movie screen in your house. It also boasts 4K also known as Ultra HD. That is four times the pixels of a 1080p TV. And if the 105-inch isn't quite your style, then there is always a 98-inch, 84-inch, 79-inch, and 65-inch model as well. No pricing or availability information was given.

LG also introduced new washer/dryer systems as well as a new refrigerator. While not as exciting to some, LG is on the cutting edge when it comes to home appliances. LG Studio is the companies premium, top of the line appliances. I know what this geek is getting in her house when she buys it..any guesses?

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