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Buy Black using the Official Black Wall Street App

This year I've really noticed a concentrated effort to support more black owned businesses, not just those of your friends and people you know but in general.  Alot of people are looking to do more of their spending with black owned businesses.  Now if these people aren't in your circle or don't necessarily do a ton of marketing how are you supposed to find them? Well the Black Wall Street App can help you with that!

I'm a potential consumer, how does it help me? As a consumer you're looking for black businesses in your area to purchase from right? The Official Black Wall Street App can send you alerts when you're near a black owned business.  You can also search for businesses.  The app also has reviews on the local businesses.  Because let's be honest, not all businesses conduct good business so knowing that ahead of time is important. Find a business that has become your favorite? Then you can bookmark them and get notified when they have updates or new offers.

I'm a black owned small business, how does this benefit me? Well first off, it puts your business in front of other eyes.  Marketing is a huge part of growing your clientele, and while Word of Mouth is good, you want to really bring in business.  You can interact directly with your customers from within the app, respond to messages right in the app.  You can also promote your business to the top of listings when people are searching for businesses that offer those services so they see your business first. You can also share promo codes and special offers with them in the app. It's a win for the consumer and the black owned small business.  It's connecting you to the what you both are looking for..customers find and support black owned businesses and you get new customers. The app is available to download for iOS and Android. Happy Shopping! If you discover any new gems share them in the comments below!

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