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Best Throwback Thursday ever! Nintendo announces mini version of classic NES console

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It's a throwback Thursday indeed! Nintendo just announced that it will re-releasing a mini version of it's classic Nintendo NES system! Now that is how you capitalize on the momentum they've picked up lately with Pokemon Go. The system will go on sale November 11th, 2016 and will include 30 games!

The system will include the AC Adapter, an HDMI cable and one controller. The 30 games aren't cartridges, they come preloaded on the system.

Full list of games:

  1. Balloon Fight

  2. Bubble Bobble

  3. Castlevania

  4. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

  5. Donkey Kong

  6. Donkey Kong Jr.

  7. Double Dragon II: The Revenge

  8. Dr. Mario, Excitebike

  9. Final Fantasy

  10. Galaga

  11. Ghosts' N Ghoblins

  12. Gradius

  13. Ice Climber

  14. Kid Icarus

  15. Kirby's Adventure

  16. Mario Bros.

  17. Mega Man 2

  18. Metroid

  19. Ninja Gaiden

  20. Pac-Man

  21. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

  22. StarTropics

  23. SUPER C

  24. Super Mario Bros.

  25. Super Mario Bros. 2

  26. Super Mario Bros. 3

  27. Tecmo Bowl

  28. The Legend of Zelda

  29. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Nintendo Classic (Photo: Nintendo)

You get all of this for $59.99! An additional controller will only run you $9.99 and will work with Wii and Wii U consoles. This is going to be on everyone's Christmas list!

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