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Beauty and Tech merge with MElely's I'mUP charger

Woman using I'mUp (Photo:

There are few things better than technology that serves a dual purpose, and with the I'mUP (Innovative Makeup..pretty clever right?) portable charger you are getting glam and tech all in one! The I'mUp charger is a makeup compact and a portable charger, so you can touch up your makeup and boost the battery on your phone all at the same time!

The I'mUp compact charger is made by MElely, an Italian company founded by Antonio Sorrentini and Silvia Cirillo. The compact contains two mirrors, two mini brushes and a blush palette that is 100% organic. There's even LED lighting in the larger mirror, so you can make sure you get the makeup look right every time. The battery is a 4300 mAh and can charge your phone, tablet, anything that uses a USB charger really. It currently comes in 3 colors, Artic (Silver), Borgogna Purple, and Stone Grey; with blush options of pink fusion or brown fusion. It retails for 125,00 € (they're an Italian startup) so that translates to $140 USD, and they ship worldwide. I love the fact that this little device has two functional purposes and it's stylish!

I'mUp Charger (Photo: MElely)

I'mUp Charger (Photo: MElely)

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