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Beats Music

Photo credit: BeatsMusic twitter Yesterday while most of us were taking refuge from the snow storm, the Beats Music app launched. This is a music streaming service, that of course is from the company that brought us, Beats Audio, and quite frankly this is a natural extension. The company's speaker/audio technology spans from it's flagship "Beats by Dre" headphones to audio systems in cars and even smartphones. The service is similar to Spotify, but of course it appears to have a much larger music catalog. One of the features I find really unique about this music service is that it does genuinely try to tailor the music to the preferences that you've given it. When you first sign up it will ask you to pick genres of music you like, followed by a few artists then it generates playlist based off what you've chosen. But the coolest feature by far is "The sentence" feature, where you string together a sentence such as "I feel like starting a riot with zombies to The 80s"; the app then generates a playlist off the sentence! How cool is that? Here are a few of the songs I got from that playlist:

Screenshot from ChicDivaGeek

Screenshot from ChicDivaGeek The service however doesn't offer a offer a free option like Spotify or like Pandora Internet Radio. The service free for $9.99/month and some AT&T subscribers can get up to 90 days free if they are on a family plan, then it will be $14.99/month, this is offered through AT&T. It's free for 7 days if you want to try it. But this service is being marketed as a premium streaming service, so it doesn't look as if they plan on developing a free option anytime soon if at all. The app is available for iOS (iPhone/iPod), Android and Windows phones. ~ChicDivaGeek

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