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Are you using Google Drive? If not 5 reasons why you should be

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If you've got a GMail account, you've got Google comes with it, but alot of you may not be using it. Well I'm going to give you at least 5 reasons you should be.

1. Online Storage

You can upload and save documents to your Google Drive so that you can access them from just about anywhere. Not to mention, it's a great way to make sure you have a backup of really important files.

2. Google Docs

Not only can you open attachment's other's send you that have Microsoft Office extensions, with the FREE Google Docs you can create new files right from inside your drive. Within Google Docs, there is Docs which is like Microsoft Word; Sheets which is like Excel; Slides (there's a pattern here lol) is like PowerPoint. The one up, you can even make forms for people to submit information through on Google Docs. Let's say you're gathering survey information or just need certain specifics from people that are coming to an event, this is a really easy way to do it. You can even make it to where the information gets put right into a spreadsheet.

3. Collaborative Editing

Want to get a few people involved in a project or perhaps you're starting a small business and you don't have a network server or anything like that. You can share documents and things in your Google Drive with other people, allow them to edit and you all can see your edits in real time.

4. Connect other apps

You have the ability to connect other apps to your Google Drive, everything from PDF converters to Game emulators. This can be done from the top where it says My Drive and then scrolling down to the bottom and choosing more, then selecting "Connect More Apps".

5. It's 15GB of free storage!

That's the magic word here, it's free, so no annual or monthly payments. FREE! So why wouldn't you take advantage of it? ( I know this last one was kind of cheating but...) So go ahead and make use of it.

*makes note to connect Game Emulator to play old SNES games*


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