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AR Apps you should be using in iOS 11

So it's been almost two weeks since Apple's latest iOS dropped.  iOS 11 came packed with quite a few cool features. One that got alot of applause is the Augmented Reality advances.  Augmented Reality (AR for short) by definition is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. But how can you, the user, take advantage of this particular capability? I've found a few cool apps within the apps store that'll help you really take advantage of it!

MeasureKit First AR based app is AR MeasureKit.  The name gives you a pretty good idea of what this one measures.  But you're doing this with your phone! Open up the app and move it around a little to get it calibrated, tap on the screen to start measuring. Then move your phone across like you would if you were using a pencil on paper. So left, right, diagonal.  I used mine to measure my Macbook Pro just for kicks but I really wish I had this when I was hanging stuff on the walls in our new place *insert wall slide here*.  I was using a ruler and making extra light lines and dots with a pencil..don't judge me.  The AR Measure Kit app is free to download from the App Store.  If you do lots of DIY or home improvement types of projects or you're just an overall crafty kind of person this

Ikea Place Did someone say Ikea?? The Swedish furniture maker has jumped in the AR ring by creating an app designed around this amazing technology. No this app isn't going to tell you how to successfully put any of the furniture together *I wish* but it will help you figure out prior to your struggle if that dresser you're eyeing will make sense in the guest room.  The Ikea Place app allows you to virtually place items in your space! How cool is that? I've already downloaded the app and when we get ready to buy our house oh it's getting used! Maybe I could do some redecorating before then??  The Ikea Place app is free in the App Store. One more before you go...

Sky Guide AR Now I haven't personally downloaded this one yet, but as a kid (and even now as an adult) there was something fascinating about being able to look up and see the stars.  I used to be able to tell you where the big dipper and Orion's Belt were but I was also living outside of the city too.  But anyway..Sky Guide AR allows you to actually find the constellations, planets and even where the Space Station is using your phone.  There's even alot of interesting facts included to help sharpen your astronomy skills.  This app is $2.99 from the App Store. If $2.99 isn't something you want to spend on an app, there's a free app called Sky View Free that will allow the same thing and I did download this one.  I'm going to test it out in an open field somewhere and let you know how it goes, you just can't really enjoy (or see) stars under the city lights. Soo what are you waiting for, go download some apps and take advantage of this AR tech!

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