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Apps to help you organize your life

Can you believe that we're in the second quarter of the year already? What better way to get things in order than to start organizing, I mean spring cleaning anyone? Because let's face it life happens. There's work, taking care of the home, kids, and the list goes on. So I thought I'd share some apps to help you get organized.  Because they're called smartphones they should be able to help right?

AnyDo I thought of a "Honey Do" list you know like a "honey can you do this" list. But the name's catchy and makes sense. Ok moving on..AnyDo is a "To-Do" list app but it makes the process easier.  It keeps your tasks, calendar and lists all in one place.  It even has a new beta feature (you have to sign up to get the invite) Assistant, that can help check off things on your to do list for you! I think all of us have wished for a clone at some point in our lives, I can't be the only one.  I think I really like that it has multiple platforms it runs on, and you can sync it across them. So If I add some tasks from my desk, I'll see them on my phone later. Not to mention it works with Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, etc. You can share grocery lists and split up tasks with other family members.  You can sign up for free to get most functions, there's a premium option that costs $2.99/month but you have unlimited devices you can connect to it.  Premium gives you location based reminders and more customization in terms of the appearance.  AnyDo is available for iOS, Android, Web, and MacOS.  Literally you can use it anywhere.  It even works with Alexa if you have it.

WunderlistWunderlist is your to-do list with superpowers *insert superhero trumpets*. But seriously, it has a ton of features. You can email things to your to-do list, so if you have an email that has items you have to take care send it to your list so the tasks are added!  I also love the fact there are folders, it can be unnerving to look at a mile long to-do list and feel like you didn't accomplish anything when in actuality you may have completed 4 or 5 things related to a bigger project.  Also sometimes you just need separation, all you tasks for work, house things, etc don't have to be on the same list. You've also got the option for email notifications, alerts directly on your phone from in the app or push notifications, so if it makes it easier to handle your tasks by seeing them in email as opposed to 40 notifications on your lock screen that you're not gonna really read then this is helpful.  I'm famous for leaving all my app notifications on the lock screen, I'll act and respond but if they don't clear on their own I don't usually do it. Another feature I love is that you can add things directly from the web to your Wunderlist.  I'm the queen of having a million tabs open as a part of my "bookmarking" aka "I'll come back to this" and this isn't a great system clearly. I end up with 75 tabs open in Safari on my iPhone. Wunderlist is free and available for a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phones (I have never met a person with one, have you?) even your Chromebook. What's your system for staying organized?  I'm thinking about adding Wunderlist to my phone to help with my mess, heck I might need to use both.  Have you tried either of these? When I'm unorganized it definitely adds to the stress, and who wants that?

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