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Apps for the on the go Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a full time entrepreneur or a person who has a side hustle while working a full time job, you should check out these apps to help make balancing those things a little easier.

Since the tax filing deadline is around the corner, let's start off with an app that helps take the some of the pain out of tracking business expenses.


Expensify App Screen (Photo: App Store)

If you have things you want to write off a business expenses such as lunch/dinner meetings, mileage on your car, travel for work. You need to have Expensify…a lot of times we don’t want to keep receipts ( I do and end up with clutter and then I just trash it all because my purse has turned into the black hole and I can’t stand it) this way you can upload your receipts with the smartscan feature and then get rid of them. It also makes it easy to do on the go so you don’t worry about forgetting later. Expensify is available for Android and iOS.

Since we are talking mobility....and we're still in the financial parts of entrepreneurship, let's move on to payment solutions. In this day and age there is no way you should be a small business and not be able to accept credit cards or digital payment in some form.

Square Cash

This isn't the most polished solution it's probably the simplest though. It allows you to simply request money from anyone, the app itself is free and all you have to do is link your account to it. There's a business option and one that works just between friends and family. Now of course with business there is a fee (it's 2.75% to receive but free for your customers). The Square Cash app is free and is available for both iOS and Android. Square Cash is founded by the same company that provides other solutions such as the Square Reader so you can accept credit cards on site just by using your phone. They also offer an invoicing platform as well.

Square Cash App Screen (Photo: App store)

PayPalIf you've been an online shopper for a while, then chances are you're familiar with PayPal. Did you know you can send invoices through PayPal? Or even at the very simplest it give people another means to send you money or for you to request it. They also have an app so that you can handle all of this on the move..and from your phone. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones (I honestly don't know too many Windows phones users, but you never know). Also a good idea, on the off chance you haven't come across this already..having a digital signature. Alot of times people will send contracts or documents over that require your signature or they'll ask for a digital in the flow of this post, there is an app for that!


DocuSign allows you to digitally sign apps on the go. You can get that deal closed while you're on your lunch break. You get the contract in your inbox (or open if from DropBox or even Google Drive), import it into DocuSign app, place your digital signature that you've created, and return to sender! This is a legally binding signature so not to worry. This app is available for iOS, Android, Amazon tablets (didn't see that coming did you?) and Windows Phones.

DocuSign Screen (Photo: App Store)

DocuSign Screen (Photo: App Store) What other apps are you using to make managing your business on the go easier? ~ChicDivaGeek

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