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Apple to add more diverse emoji's in next update of iOS, version 8.3

Photo credit @ReneRitchie twitter Apple recently released the iOS 8.3 beta 2 to developers. This gives the developers a chance to work with and prepare their apps for upcoming release, all though if you have a Apple developer account you can get access to the upcoming software. Just keep in mind what beta means, it's not finished and of course there are bugs. But anyway, for many of my readers the news you have been waiting for, there are going to be new and more diverse emojis in the 8.3 iOS update! They are even updating flags in it as well. Also Apple has decided to start doing a public beta program for iOS the same way they did with OS X. So in March you will be able to test and provide feedback and provide information to Apple engineers on the forthcoming iOS release. The Apple Seed program is by invitation only but you can sign up for the OS X beta program without being invited. ~ChicDivaGeek

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