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Apple's September Event Recap!

Outside the Apple Event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

This week has been insanely busy but I had to make sure my readers had all the latest information from Apple's huge September event this past Wednesday! Not gonna dance around too much there is plenty to get into!

First up, Apple lead with the announcement of Watch OS 2 for Apple Watch. Notable features include the added Time Travel function which with a simple turn of the dial on the side you can view your day ahead (I know I know you thought you were going to be able to skip Mondays didn't you?) The Transit function that will be added to Maps, so you can better navigate when you travel down to the subway system in New York. Traveling internationally then you will love the iTranslate feature to help well what else translate. Did you know there are over 10,000 apps for the Apple Watch??

The feature that I found really awesome about the Apple Watch was the way it has been used to innovate the way doctors provide health care to their patients. Through the Airstrip application the doctor can have an expectant mother perform a test to check her heart rate and the baby while in the womb through sensors connected through the watch. How cool is that?

NST Monitor on Apple Watch Photo: Apple Event screen Apple also announced that they will be partnering up with Hermes so now you've got the top tech and fashion on your wrist. Apple Watch Hermes will be available in select stores in October (this may be on your favorite celebrities and I'm sure it's going to show up on some fashionista's Christmas list.

Apple Watch Hermes

iPad Pro

The expression bigger is better seems to be getting taken literally with Apple, they announced the new iPad Pro. It comes in at a whopping 12.9". That's a whole lot of screen and pixels, 5.6 million to be exact. Now even though it is bigger it's still quite light; it's only 6.9mm thick and weighs 1.57lbs. The size of the iPad Pro also allows for a full size virtual keyboard making it easier and more natural to type on. This device is out to replace your laptop and this geek is intrigued I love my iPad 2 (oldie but goodie hasn't failed me yet).

iPad Pro Photo: Apple Event

Apple Pencil

You read that correctly there is a reason to get excited about pencils! No I am not talking about No. 2 pencils for school but the new Apple Pencil that was also announced. Designed to work with the iPad Pro I don't think I ever heard a room get quite as excited about a pencil. It's designed to enhance your experience with your iPad Pro so designers rejoice! The video and the way it works with Adobe components. Did I mention Adobe and Microsoft were at this event as well??? Shocking right? But makes all the sense in the world when you think about it. Each of these companies does something really well that the other can't. But back to the Apple Pencil retails for $99. Both the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil will be available in November (right in time for Christmas)

Apple Pencil Photo: Apple Event Stream

The announcement we all knew was coming....a new iPhone!

For months there had been rumblings that a new iPhone was coming and Apple delivered, announcing the iPhone 6s/6s Plus! The latest addition to the iPhone family has improvements to both cameras, the back camera (iSight camera) can take 4k video and no more grainy selfies with the now 5 megapixel HD FaceTime camera! Now if I could just master the selfie itself lol. Also new is the ability to take Live Photos, meaning your pictures are like little gifs. The moments before and after a picture is taken and you can tap the photo enable live photos, now you've got sound and movement. These photos can also serve as your lock screen (bye bye flowers!) iPhone 6s has 3D touch allowing for gestures based on how hard or soft you touch your screen.

Of course it will run iOS 9 (which is available on Wednesday September 16th to download look for that update icon in your settings). The new iPhone will also come in Rose Gold (put me down for one of those such a pretty color), Silver Space Grey and Gold. It is available for pre-order now and will be available September 25th.

iPhone 6s/6s Plus

iPhone family and pricing

Not able to renew yet? Or can't justify the price Apple has an answer for that too. They also announced the iPhone Upgrade Program. You commit to 24 installment payments, you choose your carrier, but get this after 12 installments you can change phones, so no need to wait to upgrade. (I see what you did Apple) They want these in every hand!

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