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Apple OS X: Mountain Lion

Photo: Apple Apple's latest incarnation of their OS X operating system is here, and it's name is Mountain Lion. This was announced back in February but it is now available to install on your Mac (if you have one) and if you don't have one yet, this is the operating system you'll get when you purchase one. The upgrade is available from the App Store for $19.99, check out how to upgrade here Apple is continuously improving their operating systems, and this is no different, but I think one noticable change is that this OS is looking more and more like iOS. With the integration of apps into the operating system, which makes sharing content via social media easier. Check out the other integrated features: iMessage is now integrated into the OS, so now your messages from your iPad, and iPhone are available on your Mac and vice versa. Dictation, it's like having a secretary in your computer, if there's typing space you can dictate instead, and the more you use Dictation, the smarter it becomes. Facebook and Twitter are also integrated into the new OS, just like iOS. Apple boasts over 200 new features in Mountain Lion, you can read more here: Mountain Lion New Features

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