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Apple announces iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

So unless you were living under a rock yesterday you undoubtedly heard Apple's big announcement yesterday. They are releasing as expected the iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch. Although we all knew these things were coming that doesn't make them any less exciting, let's take a look at some of the details that were revealed about Apple's latest products. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were introduced yesterday, the plus obviously being bigger than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 measures at 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 Plus measures at 5.5 inches. So if you upgrade to the latest and greatest you will have a bigger device than the current iPhone 5c or 5s. The new devices are also thinner, with the iPhone 6 a mere 6.9mm thick and the iPhone 6 Plus at 7.1mm. But with those bigger screens comes better display, they are both equipped with Retina HD display; 1334x750 resolution on the iPhone 6 and 1920x1080 on the iPhone 6 Plus. The newest incarnation of the iPhone comes with an improved camera that allows for new video features, like slo-mo and time-lapse video mode. Another new feature is VoLTE (Voice over LTE) which allows for improved call clarity and of course simultaneous voice and data. This also will allow it support more LTE bands so greater roaming capability if you are a traveler. The new phones are being shipped with Apple's newest OS, iOS 8. Pre-orders start this coming Friday, September 12th. The iPhone 6 pricing starts at $199- 16GB, $299- 64GB, and $399-128GB. The iPhone 6 Plus pricing starts at $299-16GB, $399-64GB, and $499- 128GB. They will be available on September 17th, the same day that the new iOS is available for download. As with all updates remember the release date of the new iOS there will a huge surge on Apple servers, so if can wait till it's been out for a few hours (not saying I won't be among the fray for it but just a heads up)

Oh and how could I forget, there was also the introduction of the Apple Watch yesterday. Apple finally took the plunge into the wearable tech market and they have made quite a splash. The device will come in a standard as well as smaller size, so kind of like his and hers watches if that helps. There will also be three editions of it, Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. The Watch version's case is made of stainless steel (black is available), the Watch Sport version's case is made of Anodized aluminum in silver or space gray. The Watch Edition version case is made of 18kt gold, and available in yellow or rose gold. All of the watches have changeable bands, can you say accessory money? But onto some of the tech specifications on this thing. It's able to track your movement since it's on your skin. The interface is touch, no shocker there, with the screen actually being made of sapphire. You do however have to have an iPhone 5 or newer to work, so it's not a standalone device. You can tweet, answer messages from it. It won't be available until early 2015 and will retail for $349. ~ChicDivaGeek

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