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App Spotlight: Kim Kardashian's Hollywood Game

Kim Kardashian is known for alot of things, clothes, makeup, her "assets", reality TV, and now she has made her foray into the tech world with her very own app. I mean why not, there's really an app for everything and with as big of a brand that she has, this isn't really surprising. I give you, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game Most would probably wonder what could she possibly have in the form of a game, but the app is basically about you creating a celebrity and completing tasks (quests for my fellow nerds lol) and progressing through Hollywood to achieve celebrity status. The game does offer in-app purchases for clothing and things for your character in the game. You get to model or design what your character will look like with regards to hair, skin tone, and a few selections of outfits and then you're off into the game. It's actually not too bad in terms of a way to occupy the time.

Will you be downloading the Kim Kardashian game? I currently have it on my iPad. It's also available from the Google Play store! ~ChicDivaGeek

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