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AdvoWire: Social Media Crowdsource Marketing

Photo credit: AdvoWire

Attention bloggers, tweeters and social media mavens! Do you know that you can get paid for doing what you already do for free? AdvoWire is crowd source marketing for brands and businesses. AdvoWire is a product of HireInfluence. It allows you to generate buzz through Advocates on Twitter. So you connect with people with an already large or growing following, and allow them to market your brand! Simple right?

You can set up the campaign via AdvoWire's self service platform, right down to the hashtag that advocates are going to use, then it's off and running. You can also review the performance of your advocates, manage the budget. This is super easy especially if you are looking for other ways to get your brand out there and aren't working with a Hollywood or Fortune 500 company budget!

Check it out here: AdvoWire

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