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Add some tech to your skillset with courses you can take for cheap or free

Ever wanted to learn more about SQL? Maybe you want to learn more about that new emerging programming language or develop your own app?  But let's face it, we didn't all go to school for Computer Science or Engineering.  In a time where technology heck pretty much everything is constantly changing, you've gotta have a sharp learning curve.  But I bet you guys didn't know there are some great online resources to help keep you sharp. Oh and did I mention these are FREE?!? offers thousands of courses for what you'd spend on a business lunch (probably less).  Everything from developing games, to IT certifications.  They've got courses for personal skill development too, so finances and better organization too! You can take a lot of these courses at your pace, so no complaining about time.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Microsoft is synonymous with computers, so it makes sense that they'd offer some type of resource to help those in tech. But that's not to say that the Microsoft Virtual Academy is just for those in the field already.  Primary difference between this platform and others is well it's all Microsoft products but if you're working in any enterprise environment the odds are pretty high that Microsoft is in it.  There's courses on SQL, Cloud Development and you can learn the ins/outs of Windows 10.  Oh and you have to have a Microsoft account (so,, account to access it.  But that's a small price of admission for some really great resources.

Alison Another good website to check out is It's filled with courses that are FREE! They are backed with courses published by Cambridge University, Google, Microsoft, and even MIT! You just create an account and start learning!  Now if you want to have certificates, they do charge for those, but in your account there is a running document of courses you've taken. My goal is to take more advantage of these courses as well.  You don't have to pad your resume when you can actually take some time and really sharpen your skills or even if you want to go beyond the online courses and pursue a degree this will let you dabble in a subject to see if it's really what you want to do minus the financial aid headaches.  What are some other subjects or areas you're looking to get into? What skills do you want to add to your resume?

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