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A reflection of yourself, and good for your health, the Mango Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...what's my blood pressure? Weren't expecting that were you?  We all know what mirrors are for, they're for us taking a look at ourselves before we walk out the door, checking to see if those shoes really look good with that skirt, and you know grabbing that good selfie if you have a nice full length mirror.  But what if it could tell you more? That's where the Mango Mirror comes in... We can skip past the obvious, it's a mirror.  Complete glass and a stainless steel frame, the standard being 24" x 18" and the plus being 32" x 24".  I think it's safe to say that term "Plus" is becoming the differentiating standard as it comes to tech. But enough about the size let's dig into what this mirror can do, but I can already tell you that it doesn't bear fruit of the mango kind. The Mango Mirror is a smart mirror, so it provides you with so much more than a makeup check.  It can display your health stats, sleep, nutrition, and even give you a motivational quote for the day.  Those steps you take everyday and track on your Apple Watch or Fitbit all of that data can be displayed to you via the Mango Mirror.  You even get the weather on it, I mean that helps when planning an outfit right?  Like most smart objects there's an app to go with it, that's how you control and add widgets to your mirror. Some of the widgets you can add to your mirror Nutrition Having your total fat displayed in your peripheral gives the saying "does this make me look fat?" a whole new perspective, huh?

  1. Carbohydrates

  2. Dietary Sugar

  3. Total Fat

  4. Water

  5. Protein

  6. Sodium Vital Signs

  7. Blood Pressure

  8. Blood Glucose

  9. Heart Rate Along with the Quotes widget you can also add Twitter too, so check the weather and your timeline while you figure out what to do with your hair.  I'd probably end up reading my whole timeline if I'm dealing with my hair in it's natural's a job to make a decision on this end. The app is free but currently only available on iTunes.  The Mango Mirror retails for $499 ($599 for the Plus model).  Don't know if I can swing that but it can definitely be added to my list of things to turn your house into a smart home. Totally ok if you read those last 7 words to the tune of Luther Vandross...I did as I was typing them.

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