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A new purpose for LinkedIn

screenshot: ChicDivaGeek

Most business professionals are familiar with the professional network site LinkedIn. Well they have expanded that platform to make it easier for those who want to take part in volunteer efforts, or organizations that are looking for volunteers. LinkedIn is partnering with Taproot Foundation, BoardSource, VolunteerMatch, and Catchafire to build the listings that it will have.

When you think about it, not all work that one does is paid work and often times it is difficult to locate reputable volunteer opportunities. I think this will be a great way to allow those that already use LinkedIn to lend their talents to other things. If you are already using LinkedIn, you can add badges to your profile that show that you are looking to volunteer, and of course, it does help in the professional sense as well. Check it out here: Also if you're a non-profit looking for volunteers go here:


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