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5 Rules to Mobile Gaming You Should Stick to in 2018

Smartphones have changed our lifestyle habits in many ways. One of the biggest changes has come through mobile gaming, which has now reached a level equal with early games consoles. The variety of games available on mobile devices is vast. Apart from resolving issues of boredom and idleness during downtime, mobile gaming presents more than a handful of benefits. From sharpening reaction times, improving your mood, boosting cognitive capabilities and more, satisfying your gaming fix via your trusty mobile has its definite advantages. Many game developers and publishers have capitalized on this and have further refined their products to become more available on mobile platforms. Titans of the gaming industry like Nintendo are now more than ever looking to further concentrate on mobile game development. As many of these companies continually put their efforts into coming up with a superior gaming experience, gamers' phone usage naturally increases. Gaming Realms who specialize in online games details how 80 percent of their users enjoy their games through their phones. Gaming Realms’ flagship gaming platform Slingo has a wide array of games that are mobile-friendly, with the aim to make them as accessible as possible to all gamers. It is telling that every part of the gaming industry is adapting to the advancements of mobile technology. As we welcome 2018, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular. While there are a lot of things to look forward to this year in the world of mobile gaming, sticking to these five rules will help gamers take advantage of all the benefits that come with this type of recreational play.

Rule # 1: Be Excited and Exercise

Game developers always aim to not only outdo their most recent work, but also exceed gamer expectations as much as possible. A report from

News Watch TV emphasizes that this year we can expect more gamers to be blown away by the sheer innovation that goes into mobile game development. Two elements of mobile gaming that were further developed in 2017 and expected to expand in 2018, are virtual reality and augmented reality gaming. Games that use this technology will allow the gamer to incorporate a facet of physical fitness in their gaming. The famous example of this is Pokémon Go, where players had to get out of the comfort of their living room to capture all the monsters. Instead of choosing mobile games that work just the mind and muscle memory in your fingers, opt for those that actually make you move and earn your game’s rewards.

Rule # 2: Ditch the Device Before Bedtime

Every player has experience in terms of losing sleep over a game. While a night now and again of uninterrupted play is fun, the

Ohio State University stresses that smartphone usage before sleeping may cause daytime tiredness. It goes without saying, that you should change your habits when your energy levels are compromised as you accomplish less and get behind on important tasks when tired. Enjoy the games but don’t let them compromise your sleep.

Rule #3: Play When You Take a Breather

Productivity at work should always be of top priority. Instead of playing your game without a real schedule in mind, amend your habits and pick your spots. Going for a short work break not only allows you to take a step back and assess the situation, but can also boost creativity. So, why not, play your game for a couple of minutes during your lunch break. After completing a level or two, resume official business.

Rule # 4: Keep It Educational

Choosing the right mobile game can better your mental approach when it comes to analysis and discernment. It’ll be refreshing to skip shooter games every once in a while, for something that will force you to use your brain in a different way. Opting for word puzzles, word searches, number puzzles, or even traditional games like chess and checkers can help keep a mental edge you may have overlooked to sharpen from time to time.

Rule # 5: It’s Just a Game

A report from

Statista revealed that U.S. gamers play an approximate 1.3 games on a daily basis. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if those numbers increase very soon as the same post notes that in 2018, it is expected that penetration of mobile gaming in the U.S. will surpass 60 percent. While it may be difficult at first, it will be beneficial to put your phone down and take part in other activities. Enjoy gaming but don’t let it consume all of your time. ~ Article written by Martin Wiggins

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